Worldwide, IEEE membership is divided into geographic units called Sections. Chapters are technical subunits of a Region, one or more Sections, or a Geographic Council, and is constituted by a minimum of twelve (12) members of a Society, or group of Societies and established by petition to the parent geographical and technical organizational units concerned to fulfill the mission of IEEE.They are formed to serve IEEE members by holding meetings at the local level.

IEEE Gujarat Section comes under Asia-Pacific Region, the Region 10 of IEEE. The Gujarat Section, a sub section of Bombay Section, was upgraded to full fledged section on 15th August 1990. In 2004 Gujarat Section was adjudged the Outstanding Small Section of Region 10.



The  IEEE GRS Society was first known as the Geoscience Electronics Group, formed in 1962. It then became the Geoscience Electronics Society in January 1978. Two years later, the name of the Society was changed to the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS), as it is currently known, to more accurately reflect the broad scope of its interests and activities.

Members of GRSS come from both engineering and scientific disciplinary backgrounds. Those with engineering backgrounds often support geoscientific investigations with the design and development of hardware and data processing techniques, thereby requiring of them familiarity in areas such as geophysics, geology, hydrology, meteorology, etc. Conversely, discipline scientists find in GRSS a forum for the dissemination and evaluation of remote sensing related work in these areas. This fusion of geoscientific and engineering disciplines gives GRSS a unique interdisciplinary character and an exciting role in furthering remote sensing science and technology.

IEEE GRSS Gujarat chapter was formed on 3rd May 2013. The chapter with strength of 26 members distributed among various institutes of Gujarat like Space Applications Centre/ISRO, Physical Research Laboratory, CEPT University, NIRMA University, Gujarat University, M S University, St Xavier’s College, M G Science College, Nascent Info technology and independent professionals.   Thus, a large number of community’s representations make the Chapter most lively in its performance