Dr. Aishwarya Narain

Aishwarya Narain (Member 2013) obtained M.Sc. in 1966 and PhD in 1972 from University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

He has worked for 32 years at Space Applications Centre (SAC), ISRO. He has been associated with the technology of remote sensing and its applications right from its inception at SAC. In the beginning of his career, he was flight-in-charge for conducting aerial surveys using electro-optical and camera systems. The data was used in defining the spectral bands for the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite. As the Principal Investigator he was heading a group of scientists to develop techniques for fishery forecasting using the thermal data from NOAA-AVHRR. The technique of fishery forecasting was made operational during 1989-90. He has actively contributed in developing applications in the area of marine and water resources through close interactions with   various agencies of the Government of India (1985-98). Most of the work have been published or presented at the Conferences and Symposia both within and outside the country.

He has also been associated with the in-house training programs during which he took lectures on various topics. One of his major contributions had been in carrying out necessary R & D towards operationalization at regional and national level. His research focus was towards benefiting the ultimate users. One such example was the fishery forecast. During the later period of his career, he was assigned the responsibility to develop techniques for Natural Disasters. Data from Radarsat was used for detailed assessment of the flood damage in Eastern UP (1998-99). A comprehensive Project execution program was drawn and a technique demonstration exercise was conducted for disasters like floods, forest fire, extreme rainfall events and Earthquake (2004-06). An elaborate procedure and techniques were developed for flood mitigation using the satellite and airborne systems (optical and Radar). He has been associated with many professional Societies in India viz., ISRS, IMS, INCA and ISG.

Presently he is associated with Nascent Info Technologies Private Limited (an IT Company at Ahmedabad) for organizing web-based applications in various domains like demography, power, hospitality and crime management using open source tools like Java and map services like WFS and WMS.