Sabyasachi Purkayastha

Sabyasachi Purkayastha received his B.Arch degree  from School of Architecture Planning and Landscape Design  in Jammu(SMVD University) in 2016. He is currently pursuing his masters in Geoinformatics from the Center of Environmental Planning  and Technology, Ahmedabad. He became a member of IEEE and GRSS society in the month of May 2018. His area of interest includes the use of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Urban applications, specifically, urban planning, Real Estate, public health, retail location analytics, etc. He is currently focussed on integrating artificial intelligence with Geospatial modelling for real estate and town planning. He has recently presented a paper along with co-authors Vidit Kundu and Dr.Bindi Dave at the IEEE IGRSS 2018 symposium at Valencia. The paper was titled “Using Image classification with space syntax model to predict pedestrian volumes and vehicular trip lengths”. He has also won the excellent participant award for outstanding performance at the summer workshop titled “Application of Big Data and 3S in research” and co-hosted by LIESMARS and Wuhan University, China in July 2018. His previous works include, Footfall analytics for Gurugram(2016),Retail location analytics(2017) and developing an Early Case Severity Warning System for tuberculosis patients using Machine Learning(2018). He is currently working as an intern developing a proprietary model (tool) for generating optimum real estate portfolios by reducing risk by geodiversification. The model uses Remote sensing, GIS, geostatistical models integrated with financial models such as Efficient Frontier Theory(Markowitz portfolio theory).