Microwave Sensing Through the Subsurface for Addressing the Water Puzzle - Prof. Mahta Moghaddam

Expert talk by Prof. Mahta Moghaddam (University of Southern California) has been arranged on the topic "Microwave Sensing Through the Subsurface for Addressing the Water Puzzle".

With increasing population and changes in the global climate, water-related issues have been identified by the Intelligence Community as an important factor in the US world-wide threat assessment. Much of the environmental remote sensing work discussed in this talk has been motivated and designed based on the above recognition. This talk starts by a brief description of some of the critical problems in the remote sensing of water resources today, and discusses how our research addresses several components of these problems by developing new low-frequency (e.g., P-band) spaceborne and airborne radar sensor technologies, electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering models, and in-situ sensor networks. The emerging research on subsurface characterization is discussed, which aims to map the profiles of soil water content from surface to the root zone, variations in permafrost properties, and groundwater.