Distiguished lecture Program on GeoAI: Applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Geospatial Data by Mr Rohit Singh, ESRI

As a part of Distinguished Lecture Program , IEEE-GRSS (Gujarat chapter) organized a webinar session on  the topic“GeoAI: Applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Geospatial Data" on  31st July, 2020 (5:00 pm to 6:30 pm -IST). The webinar was delivered by  Mr. Rohit Singh, who is the managing director of Esri's AI R&D Center at New Delhi. Rohit Singh leads the development of data science, deep learning and geospatial AI solutions in the ArcGIS platform. Rohit is passionate about deep learning and its intersection with geospatial data and satellite imagery. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and has worked at computer vision startups and IBM before joining Esri. He conceptualized, designed and developed ArcGISPython API, ArcObjects Java, ArcGIS Engine Java API and ArcGIS Enterprise (Linux).


In his extremely engaging talk, he introduced the key concepts and the thin line of differences/inter-relationship between Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning. This was followed by an indepth understanding of its application in the Geospatial domain, especially handling of computationally big and volumnious spatial datasets,  sturctured and unstructured data, etc. Along with the theorectical concepts and case studies, an extremely interactive demonstration of various AI & ML algorithms in the ArcGIS environment was demostrated on the fly using jupyter notebooks, for thematic applications like identification of buliding footprints, damaged and undamaged ships, identification of road cracks & its types , and many such more. The session was highly enriching and practical oriented, thus allowing students and researchers to gain more techincal insights on this fast growing domain.

With 300+ registrations, about 173 participants activiely attended the webinar, which included scientistists,industry prfoessionals,  students, faculty members and researchers from various parts of the globe namely India, UK, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Netherlands, Canada, Indonesia, US, Egypt, Bolivia, Keny, Nigeria, Myanmar, Nepal, Greece, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, Phillipines, Israel, Australia, Pakistan, Canada, Spain,Tunisia, Peru, Nigeria, UAE, Thailand, etc. Post the session, an interactive discussion followed.