Dr. Shiv Mohan

Shiv Mohan (Member, 2012; Senior Member, 2013) received the M.Sc. degree from Aligarh Muslim University in 1972 and the Ph.D. degree from Agra University in 1985. 


He joined Space Applications Centre in 1978 and was associated with microwave remote sensing programme of ISRO since early eighties. He has contributed towards development of various applications using microwave sensors in India. He initiated multi-frequency experiment using ground based scatterometer, X/C-band Airborne SAR, DM SAR, DLR E-SAR.  He was also PI of several AO projects from ESA, JAXA, and ASI. He has conducted a large number of applications of SAR for hydrology, forestry, agriculture, disaster management. He also initiated SAR quality parameters and SAR calibration studies in ISRO. More recently, he initiated applications of SAR polarimetry and interferometry for land applications. He also initiated SAR applications for lunar surface using Chandrayaan-1 Mini-SAR related to lunar scattering properties, damaged crater detection and polar water ice detection under PLANEX programme. He has contributed significantly towards the definition of payload for Mini-SAR in Chandrayaan-2 and SAR payload for RISAT-1 and RISAT-3. He has served as Chief Scientist, Haryana Space Applications Centre during 1998-2001. He has also worked as Project Director, RISAT utilization programme of ISRO during 2009-2011. Presently he is a Visiting Scientist at PLANEX, Physical Research Laboratory and Visiting Faculty at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He is also PI of ALOS-AO-2 PALSAR project on SAR polarimetry and interferometry along with JAXA and Niigata University, Japan. 


He is a recipient of ISRS National Remote Sensing Award (1995) for his pioneering efforts in the area of microwave remote sensing applications. He is also a recipient certificate of special services from Government of Haryana (2003). He has about 260 publications and reports to his credit. He is life member of five Indian Scientific/Professional Societies and Fellow of Society of Earth Scientist, India. He is also founder Chair of IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society- Gujarat Chapter.