Proceedings on International Experts Meet on Microwave Remote Sensing


16 – 17 December 2013

Gujarat Convention Center, Ahmedabad






  1. Assessment of Fully Polarimetric POLSAR Remote Sensing & Geophysical Stress-change Monitoring for Implementing Equatorially Orbiting Satellites over SE- ASIA - Wolfgang-Martin Boerner & Jorge Javier Morisaki Abstract

  1. Microwave Remote Sensing in India - OPN Calla Abstract





  1. Desertification Status Mapping Using Envisat ASAR Data - Dr. S. S. Ramakrishnan, R. Kanmani Shanmuga Priya Abstract

  2. Laboratory Validation of Dielectric Properties of Earth Resources - M.L.Kurtadikar, S.K.Popalghat and S.C.Mehrotra Abstract

  3. Improved exploration of fishery resources through the integration of remotely sensed merged Sea level anomaly, Chlorophyll concentration, and Sea surface temperature - Dr. S. S. Ramakrishnan, R. Kanmani Shanmuga Priya, B. Balaguru Abstract

  4. Water Ice Detection: Methodology Implementation and its Results over the secondary Crater on Rozhdestvensky Floor - OPN Calla, Shubhra Mathur, Monika Jangid Abstract

  5. RISAT-1 SAR Radiometric Data Quality Evaluation using Extended Target - Anuja Sharma, Maneesha Gupta (member), B. Kartikeyan Abstract

  6. Full and Hybrid Polarimetric SAR Data Analysis for Various Land Features - Y. S. Rao, Shaunak De, Vineet Kumar and Anup Das Abstract

  7. Feature Discrimination Using Dual Polarimetry RISAT-1 SAR Data - Rutu Parekh, Shiv Mohan, Anjana Vyas Abstract

  8. Evaluation of TanDEM-X DEMs over Indian Test Areas - Rinki Deo and Y. S. Rao Abstract

  9. Mini-SAR Data Analysis for Studying Wapowski Crater in Lunar South Polar Region - Priyadarshini Singh and Saumitra Mukherjee Abstract

  10. Effect of Dielectric Permittivity and Ilmenite Content in the Estimation of Lunar Regolith Thickness - S. Vijayan, Shiv Mohan and S.V.S Murty Abstract

  11. Analysis of Chandrayaan-1 Mini-SAR Data using ISIS Software for Water Ice Detection on Lunar Poles - Santosh Chaudhary and Shiv Mohan Abstract

  12. Utility of Polarimetric Radarsat-2 data in assessment of forest degradation - Mudaliar Ashwini N and G. Sandhya Kiran Abstract

  13. ITG-tool: An InSAR processing software for measuring surface change using DInSAR technique - Tapas Kr Dey, Biswajit Manna, Debashish Chakravarty, Biswajit Samanta & Arundhati Ray Misra Abstract